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Its week 117.5 and this is my last post to this blog.

Well it’s week 117.5 since my bilateral quadriceps rupture on the 1 April 2014. It’s now 4th July 2016 American Independence Day. imageIt’s been six months since my last post and this post will wind up the blog, so we have come full circle. I’m as repaired as I’m going to be, and have about 80%  of function. I recently received a significant sum in compensation and have invested that in an property to let. imgres-2Once upon a time if someone had given me that amount of money in one lump sum, I’d been off to the South of France in a fast convertible with an appropriate fast woman.car-you-drive

But hey I must be getting sensible in my old age……… OMG. In fact I did make a sort of frivolous purchase…. My new bike, well it’s all part of my on going physio regime. The bikes called ‘The Hoff’ the reason being is a Kalkhoff from Germany. She’s a pedelec which means basically she is electrically assisted.csm_khe16_include_8_prem_dt_f2_923cb99cc6

It’s a fantastic machine and I can highly recommend to anyone thinking of buying an Electrically assisted bike. I’ll be taking her out for a spin after I have finished this post. One thing to be noted there’s no room for a fast woman……. can not have it all.

One or two other things the reader might be interested  that I have been filling my time with…. My new business seems to be progressing well you can find me at www.chauffeurme.biz   bmw service mot Also I’ve published my first book, second coming soon, it’s a bit risqué so don’t go buying it if you’re at all prudish…….Erotic Tales Front Cover

I have also started my own publishing company to help aspiring writers like myself……Smugcat logo with address.3What might be of interest to readers of this blog is that I intend to publish the blog as a book. It should be in the Amazon Store in September, keep an eye out. All Bi-Lat sufferers will be given a free copy, even Mr Derek Jacobi….

So that’s it I suffered the BQTR it put my life on hold and changed my life I’m hoping as I write this for the better. I wrote this as I said back in April 2014 to try and help anyone out there who had been unfortunate enough to suffer a Bilateral Quadriceps Tendon Rupture. I hope this has been helpful it certainly helped me while a way a few days.

So we come to the thank you’s……….

First and foremost my Surgeon Mr Bailey who did a great job in putting my knees back together.

Joan and Bob the couple that found me propped up outside their house they stayed with me for the two hours it took the ambulance to get to me!

My good friend Peter (Pedro) Coulson who made it possible for me to be mobile at home in those first dark days.

My physiotherapist Hayley Milburn who got my knees working again.

The support of my Friends and Family, and also our Quadder family. The Band of Quadders, Don Williams, Stever Gartner (who has written his own book), The Quadman, James Clawson (The Quadfather), Mike Gilham.

So there is life after the Bi Lateral there are lots of us as living proof….. This is not good-bye, meet me at the Amazon Book store in September…… Hey Steve you never sent me a free copy Tut Tut. So I’m off to ride my bike down by the beach….. Bye Bye…..


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