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Well it’s now week 53

It’s been a year since my accident and trauma….. In fact today a year ago I was under the knife have my quad tendons stitched back together. I really wished I could say all is now ‘Jim Dandy’ but sadly I’ve still a ways to go. I have a compensation claim going thart-guerre-bataille-guilford-courthouse-bigrough the system at the moment and on Tuesday I had my independent medical examination. Firstly it was actually at my physio centre so maybe not so independent, the independent knee surgeon (Mr Singh) is our local knee surgeon… and informed me he had only come across two bilateral quad ruptures in his 40yrs as a surgeon…. and how rare it was… Fook me if someone else tells me what a rare trauma I have had, I’ll scream….imagesHe also informed me I would hopefully get another 20% back movement or strength I’m not sure.

Where am I in the I’m getting better stakes…. Well, I seem to be able to walk ok, there are the days when I walk like I’veeWjAeJV drunk two bottles of Jameson, friends say they can see the difference in how I walk now… obviously as Hayley my physio says I’ll never run again… But there is the spinning bike at the gym I can ride for miles on that….. Walking uphill is much easier than walking down hill…. downhill I turn into a wizen old man shuffling along very slowly. Going upstairs is obviously not easy have to use the rail, but going down stairs well that’s a whole different story, that is difficult! I never thought as I lay in that hospital bed 12 months ago I would still be having difficulty walking down a flight of stairs. It can be painful. So it’s upwards and onwards as they say…. The last 12 months have seen a big change in my life, six months from work, the misery of the quad rupture, losing my job due to the accident… losing my security… Life becoming much more difficult, in the back of your mind you know the repair could fail and your end up in the hospital again… So every step is a cautious step. It’s not all doom and gloom…. I go to the gym at least three times a week, I’ve started a new business as I have to live, it’s only six months in but doing ok… I have more free time, no more 80hr weeks…. You have to be positive, negativity will drag you down… out of a bad situation a good one will grow…

I have a new project in mind, this blog has gone so well, I am going to start a new blog…. the story of my life in blog form from before day one till well when I drop off the perch..dead-bird1. So I’ll keep you informed if any of you are interested in an ordinary guys life… I might be ordinary, but my life has been far from ordinary!

So lookout for “It all started on the back seat of a bus”………..2029104150044442179WUYYfm_fs-L




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