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Its week 18 and I’m getting bored.

I am now in week 18 of  my injury recovery. And I have to say I am bored. But the recovery is going well, my exercise program is on track. I have now been able to start to put some resistance on my cross-trainer, so I must be making progress. I discovered I was doing the squats all wrong, thought they were too easy. I am having to do them against a wall to keep my back straight, the difference is dynamic. The pull on the knee and the quad; ouch.

squatBut all the other exercises are going well. Today for the first time I walked oBilateral Quadricepts Tendon Ruptureutside without the aid of my crutches. I have not needed them inside for some time now, but have a little more confidence to walk outside without them. But of course then there are the hills, and the proprioception.

Had an amended fit note so hopefully should be back at work soon. I think I have got to the point where I am 50% back, so can apart from sit on my toilet; most day to day stuff is ok. The next 50% I think is going to take time? And as they say, time will tell!

By the time I have posted next I should be driving again, so I am feeling extremely positive about my injury and life. By the 15 August I have to get myself to London, have lunch at The Opera Terrace in Covent Garden and then get myself into theatre seat, now that might be tricky. Bilateral Quadricepts Tendon Rupture

Bilateral Quadricepts Tendon Rupture

The past few weeks I have been making new Quadder friends, so a shout out to Don Williams and Mike Maclellan. It seems Don is 18 months a Quadder, and Mike had his event on 19th June this year. It makes writing this blog worthwhile as other Quadders seem to like it. Once a Quadder always a Quadder it seems.

I am beginning to think we should have a Quadder Convention, Las Vagas springs to mind. Watch this space. Bilateral Quadricepts Tendon Rupture


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