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Week 16: It’s Now Frustrating, 21 July 2014

imgresThis past week has been frustrating! I have started the strength part of my rehab and its going really well. From a fat zero on my cross trainer when I first started, I am managing 2 miles in 10 minutes. Not an Olympic record but not bad progress in a week. In fact, I am not that far off my normal pace for 45 minutes.

So the frustration is I’m getting on well and need to translate that into getting back to work. I can drive a car, walk 3 miles, with the aid of my crutches and feel like I have made good progress. My physio is going well, I am down to one session a week just for soft tissue work. So I am happy but frustrated. So this week has been very much groundhog day, with a heavy dose of exercise….. There is not much else to report this week apart from my frustration. Going to see my GP on 30th to see if I can get my Fit Note amended. So I can get my life back into some sort of normality.



One thought on “Week 16: It’s Now Frustrating, 21 July 2014

  1. Hi I’m walking small distances with a stick but no where near 3 miles
    I’ve been on the exercise bike for last two weeks average about 15km at a time, tried the cross country but felt my right leg gave way at back of my knee so gave that up for now
    My legs are still very stiff in the morning, but being self employed returned to work 6 weeks after op no choice really, I find driving tiring & quite painful on my knees so the don’t go back to work till your 100% ready
    Upwards on onwards the Quadman

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