Week 14 and all still going well.

This week has been a good week, I can now get out and do all my shopping; that’s to say what I can get in my backpack. So its lots of trips to M&S. I can walk virtually anywhere, but at tortoise pace. Been to physio twice this week, hopefully should come down once a week soon. My range of movement is improving 110 degrees in my right and 100 in my left it’s catching up. Went to the office on Saturday to pick up my backpack, while I was there tried sitting in the car. Can get in ok, driving position ok, batteries nearly flat so need to sort that. Monday my OAP chair and Commode went of to charity, gave them to the red cross, hey they couldn’t help me, but I don’t hold a grudge.

It’s been a fairly quite week, been doing some online research for the office, trying to get a story finished for my other blog.

Got in to see my surgeon on Friday, he has given me the green light to start the physical work, which is great news. So at 14 to 15 weeks I think I am doing well. Went to the Captains Club to celebrate, it was a fine sunny afternoon. Also got a new Fit Note, apparently I can go back to work, but not to do what I’m employed to do? So that’s a bugger.

Dampened a bit by an email I got from my prospective solicitor. Remember last post I said I had sent them all that they had asked for in the form of a 50 page booklet. I said in the last post bet it would not be good enough, and I was right. The email asked if I could mark the spot where I fell with an X. See picture, apparently, what I put was that not good enough, its hard to tell yourself ‘I told you so.’ They went on to say could I remember the size of the defect in the pathway? Note to self, remember at all times to carry a tape measure, so when you’re writhing around in pain you’re able to measure the fucker that’s tripped you up.Bilateral Quadriceps Tendon Rupture

Week finished on a positive note, had a great lunch Saturday at Westbeach, free wine again! Nice to be popular. And managed to get onto my cross trainer, so physical work can start in earnest. Its not me in the picture but it is my Cross Trainer, anyone got her number? Till next time…….Bilateral Quadriceseps Tendon Rupture